Luke's Mummy

Saturday, February 24, 2007


So I gave up on the old dial up in case you were wondering, the stress levels in the house waiting for stuff to download got too much and we turned off the pc until the broadband hub arrived today. Yippee!!!

It's really quite late in the evening here as we have just finished setting it all up, and I will do a longer posting v soon but just to update you a wee bit .....

I started a new job - part time (of course), at a company here in Runcorn, 5 mornings a week. Finding it sooooo exhausting at the moment, trying to adjust to learning new stuff and getting out of the house before 8.00am fully clothed with make up and clean hair (not as easy as it used to be pre- Luke).

Really quite amusing that I got this job, it was the one that I wasn't really that bothered about and had convinced myself I didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting .... always the case isn't it!! Will tell you much more about it another time.

Luke is adjusting to being at pre-school until 1.00pm every day, really hard though picking him up before I have my lunch (I finish at 12.30) and then having to go home and cope with him without having any "come down" time. I always sort of collapse at around 1.30 which is about the time he starts wanting me to run around the park with him.

Molly cat had a bad case of cystitis after Mickey cat jumped on her mid pee (aargh!!!), Murphy cat managed to find a cotton reel and chew a length of it off getting it trapped around his tongue and then partially down his throat. V V Traumatic for all concerned, had to loosen it from around his tongue (took about half an hour) and then pull it carefully out of his throat. Poor little bugger, he was sooooo upset. Cotton reels are now locked safely away.

So, promise I will post again v v v soon (honest Jenn).